Coming Soon – NanoNotion is a new Microsoft Azure Software as a Service application which helps to organize, socialize, reward and create value out of knowledge for users within organizations and for the organization itself. It focuses on providing valuable metrics which highlight the impact on organizational performance. It extends an organizations existing Azure AD infrastructure into the resources available anywhere within an organization or the Web. NanoNotion has a variety of uses including:

  • Sharing and exchanging of ideas
  • Rapid employee onboarding
  • Turning knowledge into valued products or services
  • Distribution and reading validation of policies and procedures
  • Supporting agile projects, development, marketing and sales
  • Informal and social learning
  • Surfacing information that is valuable to users and the organization
  • Capturing and measuring institutional knowledge

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Founded in 1994, Intralearn Software Corporation (ISC) is a pioneer of creating e-Learning and Knowledge Organization products for corporate enterprises, academic institutions, associations, government agencies and training suppliers. ISC prides itself in making technology affordable with turnkey offerings which leverage the infrastructure and technology of Microsoft Software. Our products are rich in functionality, highly configurable and easily customized.
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