Collections Create Help

Description (General):

A Collection is a group of Notions, and can only contain Notions that you have created. A Collection can be shared in the same way that you would share an individual Notion.

  • Select Create to add a Title and Summary for a Collection.


  • See View page for Help on viewing existing Collections.
  • See Populate page for Help on populating a Collection.
Enter a Title and Summary. Once done, add Notions to the Collection by selecting the Populate button.
Enter a Title for the Collection (required).
Enter a short Summary for the Collection (required). Be as thorough as you can, since the Summary is used to locate the Collection in searches.

Note: Enter a maximum of 8000 characters. After the Collection has been added, the first 240 characters of the Summary are displayed beneath the Collection Title, with the option to select  …more” to display the full Summary.

End Help


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