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Description: Notions require a Title and Summary for the Notion, plus associated content (URL, Embed, or Essay).
 Enter a Title for the Notion (required).
Enter a short Summary for the Notion (required). Be as thorough as you can, since the Summary is used to locate the Notion in searches.

Note: Enter a maximum of 8000 characters. After the Notion has been added, the first 240 characters of the Summary are displayed beneath the Notion Title, with the option to select …more” to display the full Summary.

Choose a Notion Type: URL, Embed, or Essay.
Associate content for your Notion (required).

  • If you selected URL as a Notion Type, enter a valid URL.
  • If you selected Embed as a Notion Type, copy and paste Embed Code from a source such as YouTube.
  • If you selected Essay as a Notion Type, enter up to 8000 characters in the input text box, with optional formatting.
Enter a valid URL (optional and does not have to be to a public social tool).


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