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Membership-based Organizations / Non-Profits

If you are a membership-based organization such as an association, union, or non-profit with volunteers, then based on your viewpoint you are probably faced with either the challenge or opportunity to provide for the open exchange of informal ideas and knowledge. Whether you are a subscriber or mission-based organization, you may already be providing outbound subject-matter expert knowledge to your community, perhaps taking the form of courses or events. However, members of your community may also have valuable knowledge that others might be interested in. This sharing of knowledge provided by your members within and for your membership could benefit your entire community.

You may have historically used a threaded discussion board, forum, or document management system in an attempt to do so, with limited results. This is because these tools typically do not:

  • Have sufficient depth, breadth, or scope
  • Use the wisdom of the crowd to identify, surface and magnify the best innovative ideas, knowledge, and people
  • Accommodate the ability to capture and measure institutional knowledge
  • Allow for bookmarking and collections of internal and externally referenced materials
  • Reward contributions and sharing

We believe that by providing a sense of being valued for contributing and sharing knowledge and ideas as well as being recognized by peers, the NanoNotion process can aid in attracting new members and retaining existing members. At the same time, the process supports the organization-wide objective of building a knowledge pool that is accessible and mineable across the organization. For both members and management, the process yields the most significant knowledge assets, driving organizational momentum toward goals and objectives.

Intralearn has significant experience in meeting the needs of non-profits and membership-based organizations. We recognize that there are unique requirements beyond the needs of employees, including consideration for benefactors, members, volunteers, and beneficiaries. There are also different back-office technologies that may need integration.

Significant Adoption Benefits

  • Substantial discounts from corporate pricing
  • Merit-based in-kind annual donation of NanoNotion Software as a Service may be available for your organization, based on mission profile
  • Benefactors, volunteers, and beneficiaries do not count against user limits
  • Intralearn Software has real-world knowledge of your needs, with decades of experience including participation in and the co-founding of 501(c)(3) organizations

See our recent Tweet regarding the use of NanoNotion within membership-based organizations and non-profits.


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