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Mental Health Services

Mental health services organizations are faced with multiple challenges in serving their primary communities. Issues include funding sources, facilities, staff, research, policy issues, affordability, standards, and continuous knowledge and treatment changes. Frequently, techniques and programs used at one institution are not easily transferred geographically or through related organizations to either internal or external operations. There is also the possibility of duplication of effort by an institution that recreates programs that are already in use somewhere else.

Some examples of specific objectives include:

  • Creating employment opportunities for people with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder.
  • Providing residential and shared living services, and the development of daily skills necessary for individuals with intellectual disabilities to live independently.
  • Fostering independence and self-determination by promoting mental health recovery as soon as possible.

NanoNotion offers a single point of confluence for ideas and knowledge from a variety of internal and external sources that can be shared among staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries. One of the advantages is that organizations can access this unifying set of knowledge and sort out what might work for them.

See our recent Tweet regarding the use of NanoNotion within membership-based organizations and non-profits.




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