Getting Started – Introduction
  • Select  at top-right.
  • Select Manage User Roles, then select your name. Choose the Roles that you would like assign for yourself. If a Role is selected, the icon is green.
  • Import Members from your Azure AD Tenant, and assign them the appropriate Roles.
  • Note: If you are an Azure AD Admin, the Site Settings menu will be available to you to make site color selections and upload your logo.
Before providing NanoNotion to your Trial users, we recommend the following:

  • Click Contribute to create a Notion; fill in the required fields in the form that comes up. (Contribute Help is available by clicking the Question Mark icon.)
  • Share the Notion with yourself by clicking the ellipsis on the Notion Tile, then click the green arrow and select your own name.
  • Select and click the Notion Title to view the Notion detail.
  • Additional instructions on how to use other functionality such as Library, My Contributions, Collections, Stats, Notification, and Badging are available online in context-sensitive Help.
Choose a Notion Type: URL, Embed, or Essay.
Associate content for your Notion (required).

  • If you selected URL as a Notion Type, enter a valid URL.
  • If you selected Embed as a Notion Type, copy and paste Embed Code from a source such as YouTube.
  • If you selected Essay as a Notion Type, enter up to 8000 characters in the input text box, with optional formatting.
Enter a valid URL (optional and does not have to be to a public social tool).


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