Multi-faceted Solution

NanoNotion Addresses a Range of Needs within Organizations

Surface information that is valuable to the organization

A NanoNotion user can go to a Library of Notions to see what other users wrote, then talk to them to find out more. The person who contributed the Notion may provide a promising starting point upon which others can build. NanoNotion is an attempt to build an enormous database of synergy, and to help organizations move from reactive methodology to an active methodology. What matters is to let the ripple of information happen. The more and faster an idea ripples, the better the knowledge must be.

Turn knowledge into valued products or services

NanoNotion provides a vehicle for unstructured information to be recognized, curated, surfaced, and magnified to become valuable knowledge.  For instance, consider a competitive sales process. Strong sales people not only utilize formal training, but gather additional information from sources such as competitors’ web sites, press releases, research materials, competitive training and product videos, discussions with peers, as well as customer referrals or case studies. Currently, very little of this collection of information as knowledge is captured/measured when (and if) it’s dispersed to the rest of the sales team.

Informal and social knowledge sharing

NanoNotion is premised on the thought that it is not at all useful for a person to have knowledge if it can’t be shared with others. Furthermore, why are we not recognizing, rewarding, and magnifying even small pieces of knowledge? Small ideas, streams of consciousness, and conversations are worthy enough to be put into a place where we can capture informal knowledge that is often lost.

Reward users for their contribution of informal knowledge

With customized metrics, organizations can quickly recognize and reward users.

Capture and measure institutional knowledge

Organizations also don’t always know when team members help each other. NanoNotion provides a centralized view for decentralized knowledge to be tracked and measured.

Improved Key Performance indicators offer an opportunity to recognize employees as direct contributors to the organization’s success.

Share and exchange ideas prior to “Teams”

NanoNotion encourages an exchange between users who are full of ideas, thinking outside the box.
NanoNotion aims to help organizations match people who have knowledge with people who don’t. NanoNotion addresses the question: Can ideas be put into a system?

Organizational knowledge leveling

Favors the elevation of ideas and knowledge from wherever it exists in the organization, from the lowest level position to the highest, effectively discounting hierarchical structure.

Rapid employee on-boarding

Organize collections of valued knowledge that can be instantly shared with new employees or perhaps a group working on a new project. This information rapidly introduces new employees, new concepts, new groups or new projects into an organization’s processes and objectives.

Digital suggestion box

Can be used as an organization-wide digital suggestion box to gain insight into the pulse of various activities, mindsets, opportunities, and issues. Users become instantly aware of new ideas and knowledge in an open format.

Validate reading of policies and procedures

Organizations need to respond to changes in the industry, whether it’s new employee orientation, compliance training, security assessment, or simply making sure everyone sees the new program or direction from corporate communications. Every company needs to make sure employees are on board and understand what is expected of them.

Idea and knowledge laddering

With idea and knowledge laddering, participants are prompted to support and build upon the contributions of one another. It’s exciting to be involved in creating pioneering technology for this emerging self-regulated process with NanoNotion.

Build collections of referenced materials

Draw from multiple internal and external sources to create collections of referenced materials that support an idea or piece of knowledge, e.g., OneDrive, YouTube, website, etc.


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