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My Notions
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Description: Notions that have been shared with you. Click the title of the Notion to view.
  • Select New to list Notions that you have not yet viewed.
  • Select Viewed to list Notions that you have already viewed.
To search for a Notion, enter a text string (search is for Titles and Summaries).
  • Select Notions to display the Notion.
  • Select Collections, to display Collections (groups of Notions)

Note: Help for Collections is available from the Collections page.

Sort by Date, Contributor, or Title.
Upper-left quadrant icon indicates Notion Type:

= URL, = Embeded Content such as video, or = Essay.

  • Select for additional information.
  • Select to access optional social link.
  • If you have Share permissions, you can select then to Share the Notion. The Share page will display.

Note: Help for sharing is available from the Share page.


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