NanoNotion Quick Notion Google Chrome Browser Extension

NanoNotion Quick Notion – Google Chrome Browser Extension

Using Quick Notion for Google Chrome, users can instantly create a Notion in NanoNotion with a single click to transform SEO metadata from the page/article being visited into a Notion. Users can optionally modify the metadata, then share the Notion and follow it as it is viewed, re-shared, searched, placed into collections, receives comments, encouragements, and ratings, etc. Users earn recognition and reputation by their peers and management for their effort, allowing users and the organization the benefit of valuable metrics.

Install Quick Notion for Google Chrome from the Chrome Store. Note: Either a no-cost trial or paid subscription of NanoNotion is required.

Chrome web store

See screen captures below for more information on installing the Quick Notion for Chrome extension and the single click that creates a ready-to-share Notion of the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio web page.

Quick Notion Chrome 1

Quick Notion Chrome 2

Quick Notion Chrome 3

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