NanoNotion White Paper

Everyone in an organization has knowledge that is unique to them. Many are eager to share what they know and experience, as can be seen by the proliferation of social tools. However, organizational knowledge does not fit squarely into these social tools for a variety of reasons. This includes the propriety nature of organization knowledge, the variable size of the information, hierarchical processes, to name a few.

Some problems can be solved with document and learning management systems, organizational based team collaboration, or project management tools. Yet the fundamental issue remains of how to bring all of this information, knowledge, and ideas into a single, focused benefit for the organization. The answer requires the combination of a number of techniques to identify, surface, and magnify those nuggets of knowledge that will provide the most impact to the organization, as well as recognize those who helped to create and define its value.

This means providing a mechanism that leverages:

  • The ability to quickly summarize the topic, idea, knowledge, or information
  • “Wisdom of the crowd”
  • Social capabilities that are unique to organizations
  • Capturing the pointers to the idea, information, or knowledge wherever it may reside
  • Appropriately awarding those who contribute, share, and consume the information
  • Benefits the organization with a short ROI
  • Seamlessly integrates tightly into the technical fabric of the organization
  • Leverages front and back office applications without requiring add-ons
  • Quickly identifies high value knowledge
  • Quality utilization of devices that users of the organizations might have
  • Is self-regulated
  • Low enough cost to deploy to everyone in the organization
  • Serverless and unlimited scalability of the Cloud
  • Extends the reach of an organization externally with members, partners, customers


This may seem like a long list, yet such an application exists − created by Intralearn Software, pioneers of Learning Management.  NanoNotion does exactly what is described above and on top of that is one of the first “born on Azure” applications utilizing an ever expanding suite of Azure services. Stay tuned to learn more about this product by signing up to receive significant early adopter benefits.

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