Using Knowledge Management, Socialization and Rewards to Create Value


  • Helps to organize, socialize, reward and create value out of knowledge for users within an organization
  • Extends an organization’s reach into the resources available anywhere within an organization or the Web
  • Provides valuable metrics that highlight the impact on organizational performance
  • Is a born in Azure based Software as a Service application with Microsoft Azure scalability
  • Is a first of its kind Informal Knowledge System
The NanoNotion Process:

  1. Users contribute a new Notion by associating a summary of an idea with supporting material, including content from a variety of sources such as SharePoint, One Drive and URL’s.
  2. The contributor then publishes the Notion so it can be shared and consumed.
  3. Award points accrue for the contributor, sharer and consumer as the Notion is socialized.
  4. The visibility of the Notion increases as it is shared by other users throughout the organization.
  5. The best ideas surface and bring feedback and value to users and the organization.


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