Intralearn Software has been focused on Knowledge Management since our inception in 1994. Our new product line, NanoNotion, has been designed from the ground up as a cloud application for organizations that want to provide a tool for users such as employees, members, consumers to socialize knowledge, and leaders to surface ideas. Our second generation Learning Management System, LearningServer, provides an easy tool for organizations to provide on-line learning to a community of users.

​NanoNotion – Create Value out of Knowledge


What It Is: NanoNotion is a new Microsoft Azure based Software as a Service application that helps to organize, socialize, reward and create value out of knowledge for users within an organization and the organization itself. It focuses on providing valuable metrics that highlight the impact on organizational performance. It extends an organization’s existing Azure AD infrastructure into the resources available anywhere from within an organization or the Web. Learn More… 

Learning Management System for Microsoft .NET and SharePoint

LearningServer is a highly flexible and customizable Learning Management System. With a variety of licensing/implementation options, support for numerous languages, and the scalability of the Microsoft .NET environment, LearningServer is a perfect fit for organizations of any size. The beauty of LearningServer lies in its modular feature-set and the familiar Microsoft Office-like look/feel. This provides a shallow learning curve and eliminates unnecessary distractions – maximizing users’ time when participating in or managing learning. LearningServer can use content directly from Microsoft SharePoint, further increasing adoption and familiarity for users. Learn more about LearningServer at our corporate site:

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