Learning Management System for Microsoft .NET and SharePoint

LearningServer is a highly flexible and customizable Learning Management System. With a variety of licensing/implementation options, support for numerous languages, and the scalability of the Microsoft .NET environment, LearningServer is a perfect fit for organizations of any size. The beauty of LearningServer lies in its modular feature-set and the familiar Microsoft Office-like look/feel. This provides a shallow learning curve and eliminates unnecessary distractions – maximizing users’ time when participating in or managing learning.

LearningServer can use content directly from Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, further increasing adoption and familiarity for users. In addition, content from any web source, including embedded content, can be included in easily assembled courses. LearningServer includes Microlearning capabilities. The learner experience uses responsive design for device independence. LearningServer is especially attractive for developers with its comprehensive API. LearningServer is available in both on-premise and Microsoft Azure implementations.

Learn more about LearningServer at our corporate site: www.intralearn.com



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