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Description: Four separate panels allow you to:

  • Enter Subscription Keys for a total number of subscribed users per period. The panel indicates the number of users that you have imported vs. the number of remaining users (not yet imported).
  • Set the number of Notion Points that users are awarded for creating, sharing, or consuming Notions.
  • Choose Recognition levels for NanoNotion badges (Good, Better, or Best).
  • Customize the Theme of your NanoNotion application by uploading your logo and choosing colors for headings, menus, and buttons.
  • To open or close a panel, select the / at the bottom-right of each panel.
Subscription Keys:

  • After you purchase an Annual or Quarterly subscription from, you will receive an email with a Subscription Key and Order #.
  • Select to enter a Subscription Key, along with the Order Number and Order Date.
  • The panel displays each Key you have entered together with the number of Days Left.
  • Select a Subscription Key to view the Order Date.
  • See the bottom of the panel for Total Subscribed Users, Current Imported Users, and Total Remaining Users (available for import).
Notion Points:

Enter the number of points to be awarded for:

  • Contributing a Notion
  • Sharing a Notion
  • Consuming a Notion

Users can view their accumulated points next to the Recognition badge in the top menu.


Recognition Badge colors represent Good, Better, or Best levels. Enter the number of points required for each level.

The badge color changes based on the number of points a user accumulates.

Points can accrue for a user when:

  • The user Contributes a Notion.
  • The user Views a Notion.
  • The user Shares a Notion.
    Note: The user receive points the first time a Notion is shared. If the user shares the same Notion again, no additional points are awarded.
  • Someone else Views a Notion that the user has created.
  • Someone else Shares a Notion that the user created.

Customize Theme:

Note: After making any changes to the Customize Theme panel, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the panel and select Submit.


  • The logo appears in the top-left corner of each page. Maximum size is 255 x 60px.
  • If an existing logo appears, first remove the logo by selecting .
  • Select the Browse button to browse for a new logo.


  • Primary colors are for the top menu and major buttons.
  • Secondary color are page headings and minor buttons.


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