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Does your Knowledge Management strategy address these questions?

* Are you providing an employee friendly tool for knowledge transfer?
* Are ideas and knowledge leaving when employees leave?
* How much of your organization's informal knowledge can be mined?
* Can you recognize employees who contribute valuable knowledge?
* Are you using Machine Learning to identify intellectual assets?


You Can!

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Vast quantities of innovative ideas and knowledge lie unused, inaccessible, and under-appreciated across your entire organization.

Harness the internal wisdom of your crowd to share, surface, and magnify ideas and knowledge. Identify the most innovative using metrics, recognition, and rewards.

Use your organization's wisdom of the crowd with an affordable Azure SaaS application for:

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- Surfacing early innovations
- Idea and Informal knowledge sharing
- Knowledge bookmarking
- Providing valuable metrics
- Digital suggestion box
- Retaining employees

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The NanoNotion process helps collect and share ideas and informal knowledge, then uses internal crowdsourcing to recognize and surface the most valuable information.

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