Trial Experience Options

Self-Service Trial Options

(Or see Custom Trial / Live Demo below for guided trial options)

Choose one of the following two self-service options for a free 30-day, 20 user trial:

Simply use your Azure AD Federated SSO User account (Office 365 Work or School login) for free a 30-day, 20-user trial by selecting Sign In or optionally because NanoNotion is Azure Certified the trial is available at Microsoft AppSource. You will be automatically logged in to NanoNotion and can immediately start using NanoNotion. A Credit Card is not required nor is there an obligation to purchase the subscription during or after the trial.

Additional Value Note: If you are an Azure AD Admin, the free trial includes additional functionality such as the ability to make changes to NanoNotion site settings which include uploading your organization logo, changing colors, and setting reward badging and points. (See Site Settings Screen Shot below.) Please use this link: Azure AD Admin for the one-time Admin Consent Sign up for NanoNotion.

Custom Trial / Live Demo

Please Contact us for a Custom Trial or Live Demo

Enhanced Trial Option
Please contact us if you would like an enhanced trial. We can discuss your requirements in more detail and provide a variety of options. Contact us by email, phone, or by filling out the form labeled Custom Trial / Live Demo. If you use the form be sure to include brief requirements in the Comments / Additional Information field.

Transition to a production subscription from a trial
You can purchase a transition from a Trial to a Quarterly or Annual subscription at any time. Your organization will receive the ability to import members from Azure AD and Office 365 Groups, as well as share among members using Azure AD and Office 365 Groups. You will also be able to make site setting changes such as uploading your organization logo, changing colors, and setting reward badging and points. You will need to obtain Azure AD Admin consent for some of these features to work for your entire organization.


Site Settings Screen Shot

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