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Does your Knowledge Management strategy address these questions?

* Are you providing an employee friendly tool for knowledge transfer?
* Are ideas and knowledge leaving when employees leave?
* How much of your organization's informal knowledge can be mined?
* Can you recognize employees who contribute valuable knowledge?
* Are you using Machine Learning to identify intellectual assets?


You Can!

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Vast quantities of innovative ideas and knowledge lie unused, inaccessible, and under-appreciated across your entire organization.

Harness the internal wisdom of your crowd to share, surface, and magnify ideas and knowledge. Identify the most innovative using metrics, recognition, and rewards.

Use your organization's wisdom of the crowd with an affordable Azure SaaS application for:

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- Surfacing early innovations
- Idea and Informal knowledge sharing
- Knowledge bookmarking
- Providing valuable metrics
- Digital suggestion box
- Retaining employees

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The NanoNotion process helps collect and share ideas and informal knowledge, then uses internal crowdsourcing to recognize and surface the most valuable information.

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Featured case study: Microsoft Azure case study on NanoNotion

Multi-faceted Solution

Surface information that is valuable to the organization Turn knowledge into valued products or services
Informal and social knowledge sharing Reward users for their contribution of informal knowledge
Capture and measure institutional knowledge Share and exchange ideas prior to “Teams”
Organizational knowledge leveling Rapid employee onboarding
Digital Suggestion Box Validate reading of policies and procedures
Idea and knowledge laddering Build collections of referenced materials

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Leverage Microsoft Technologies and Applications

  • First of its kind, born on Azure SaaS application
  • Azure AD, Azure SQL, Microsoft Graph, API’s, App Services
  • Maximizes Azure’s infrastructure and scalability
  • Azure Tenant Management allows for configurable preferences
  • Azure portal admins can manage organization-wide permissions
  • Azure AD and Office 365 users and groups, role access
  • Azure cloud reduces barriers to adoption
Enhance the value of your Microsoft Office and Office 365 application and services investment with the addition of NanoNotion.
Create Notions from a variety of Office 365 document types, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
Easily insert links that support a Notion from materials located on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.
Use Microsoft Teams to socialize Notions, which helps to surface valuable knowledge. Once knowledge has value, use Teams to help transform knowledge into products and services.

Free 30-day, 20-user trial at Microsoft AppSource

Pioneer in Knowledge Management and e-Learning

Founded in 1994, Intralearn Software is a leading global provider and pioneer of applications for the rapid creation, delivery, and measurement of knowledge. More than 2,000 corporations, government agencies, associations, academic institutions, and training suppliers have used Intralearn Software products to make knowledge available to more than 5 million users worldwide.

We take pride in making technology affordable with turnkey offerings that leverage the infrastructure and technology of Microsoft Software.

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